About Emily Chandra (Instructor):

Emily Chandra Wiswell is an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor trained in Boston, and based out of New Hampshire’s Seacoast. She is trained and certified in Ayurvedic Bodywork, Reiki Healing, Trauma Sensitivite Yoga, Restorative, Meditation and teaches dance classes. She leads yoga retreats all over the world and has been asked to hold private classes and workshops nationally and internationally. Emily has a passion for movement, activism and for helping others unlock their joy and highest potential.





Share The Soul Photography

Share The Soul Photography

I have been taking Emily’s classes a little over a year now and I have to say she became my “yogi.” I have followed her to different studios just so I can get one of her classes into my busy schedule. I always look forward to taking one of her classes because not only do I get a good workout in but they are filled with so much positivity & love (and a great playlist!). I’ve also done some energy work with her and every time I leave a session I feel incredible. Highly recommend going to one of Emily’s classes and booking energy work (especially Marma Balancing!!)
— Jordan Sage Cashman

"I've come to crave Emily's yoga classes which are nothing short of transformational. She takes self-care to a whole new level. No matter what mood I'm in, I always leave feeling refreshed, energized, and filled with gratitude. Not surprisingly, her work off the mat is just as amazing. The restorative work is about feeling fully and completely supported. The Ayurvedic Marmic Balancing is like getting a massage for the soul. Emily inspires, soothes and heals. Treat yourself and experience the magic for yourself."

-Melissa Sweet