To Live Unattached

To live this life completely unattached. What would it be like? If we could all loosen our grip and release the need to control people, situations and outcomes...Imagine how free we would be? The more we try to bend life to our will, the more it spirals out of our control. So why not embrace that we have no control of this incredibly beautiful yet terrifying journey we call life? To love unconditionally, is to love another being without attachment. It's to love their mistakes, their humanness, to acknowledge that they too, are trying to make their way through this existence. Nobody owns anybody. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and those around us is to let go. We are all our best teachers, helping our souls to grow. So learn to love deeply, and let it all go, and then love even deeper, and let it go. Keep following that feeling in your gut. The greatest love of all might just be right around the corner.